Branding & Creative

Branding that builds trust, evokes emotion, and gets your audience to buy into your story

At the Bivines Group, we focus on building out the elements you need to have a complete and effective brand that produces results and plants a seed in the mind of your target audience.

What We Offer


Brand DNA

Your Brand DNA defines your brand’s values, traits, and personality. We will work closely with you to uncover what you want your brand represents to your ideal target audience.

Brand Positioning

We will help you identify how you are going to differentiate yourself from your competitors through brand positioning.


Brand Messaging

With our team of expert copywriters, we can help you clarify your brand’s messaging. You need to have a set language for your brand so people automatically know it’s yours even if they don’t see your logo or brand colors on something.


Brand Design

We will strategically construct all the design collateral needed from websites, logos, packaging to retail and presentations.

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